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Improve brain performance by taking vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and nutrients are very important for the growth and development of fetuses, toddlers and children. Especially in the golden period where at this time the brain experiences very drastic growth and development. The golden period starts from the first months the fetus is formed in the womb, until it really ends when the child enters puberty, at the age of 9-15 years. The lack of vitamins or other nutrients in this version can affect brain development, intelligence levels, and can lead to various severe congenital brain defects. Did you already know, what are the vitamins for the brain? If not, then you should know in this article.

Nutrients and vitamins for the brain that can’t be missed

Ensuring the brain keeps getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs is very important for all ages. You can get various types of vitamins for the brain through a healthy diet (diet) with a balanced nutritional content. Here are some vitamins that the brain needs and the effects of a lack of these vitamins as quoted through halosehat.

1. Vitamin B1
The first vitamin for the brain is vitamin B1 which plays an important role in nerve cell impulse conduction. Vitamin B1 deficiency can affect mental conditions, learning abilities, energy, the body’s ability to deal with stress, and suddenly Vitamin B1 can be found in nuts, meat, yeast, and cereal seeds.

2. Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 plays a role in the formation of myelin, which is the brain nerve fiber protection service. Vitamins for this one brain are useful for protecting the brain from nerve damage, memory loss, decreased mood, and depression. Vitamin B12 can be found in beef, lamb, fish, poultry, and pork.

3. Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 has a role in the production of serotonin and dopamine which maintain your mood and mood. Vitamin B6 is found in kale, cauliflower, radishes, аwі, tuna, and garlic.

4. Aаm Fоlаt
Folic acid deficiency can decrease memory and focus ability. Folate also helps lower levels of the amino acid homomоѕіѕtеn in the blood that causes damage to brain cells. Folate can be found in green leafy vegetables, nuts, fruits, and whole grain cereals.

5. Vitamin E
Vitamin E deficiency makes the body lack the ability to fight against harmful radicals which can damage body cells and cause various brain disorders, usually Almonds, hazelnuts, wheat flour, corn kernels, and green vegetables, are some examples of foods that have both types of control, vitamin E.

6. Vitamin C
This vitamin is an important antioxidant that can protect the brain from free radicals. These vitamins can also help prevent severe Alzheimer’s disease by battling the normal substances. Some of the vitamin C sources that you can consume are broccoli, oranges and strawberries.

7. Omega-3 fatty acids
Omega-3 is an important nutrient in brain development. оmеgа-3 fat deficiency is suspected to cause a decrease in cognitive function of the brain and increase risk of mental disorders, ереrtі dерrеѕіеее, bipolar disorder, dysrhythmias Omega-3 fatty acids are found in salmon, kiwi fruit, flax seeds, and walnuts.

Talk to your doctor about vitamins for the brain and other supplements that are compatible with your conditions, including general doses, and other general effects.

Nutrients and vitamins for the brain can affect the cognitive process and also the emotional stability of people. Balance it with a balanced diet and exercise in moderation. combination diet of healthy food with exercise which can often improve brain reluctance and reduce various types of brain disorders, brain disorders, injuries.

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