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Benefits of Vitamin Vitabrain VB Centella for Health

Centella asiatica, or what we usually know in Indonesia by the name gotu kola or antanan has become the talk of the town due to its properties. Plants that live in Asia. The use of Centella as a herbal medicine has long been used by India, Africa, and China.

Centella asiatica grows in the tropics. This plant can also be found in deserts, roadsides, meadows, riverbanks and forests with open canopies. The unique leaf part of Centella asiatica is the vitamin or herbal medicine that is beneficial for health. the good news, now the efficacy of centella asiatica can be obtained through the brain vitamin Vitabrain VB Centella. Because, this vitamin or supplement is made from centella asiatica with very high levels. Let’s see what the benefits are:

Lowering emotions

Not only efficacious for the skin, Vitabrain VB Centella can also lower stress hormones in the body. Such as reducing the level of cortisol, serotonin, and dopamine.

This plant has anti-inflammatory properties (can relieve heat), and serves to reduce signs of depression.

Helps maintain blood sugar levels

Typical people know that Centella asiatica can help control blood sugar levels. The method is quite easy, just soak the leaves overnight in hot water. The next day, the soaked water is consumed.

Centella asiatica can help prevent diabetes symptoms. You can also get the benefits of centella asiatica through vitabrain VB Centella.


Good for joints

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of Centella asiatica, Vitabrain VB Centella can help relieve sore joints. Launching, the herbal medicine is made to treat arthritis.

As Anti-aging

One of the benefits of gotu kola leaves contained in VB Centella vitabrain is that it is able to inhibit aging of the skin, especially the face and neck. Symptoms of premature aging are one of the most avoided beauty and health problems by most women.

It is undeniable that as we age, the production of natural collagen in the body will also decrease. In fact, collagen is a protein that has an important role in skin elasticity, especially the face and neck.

A study published in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine states that gotu kola leaves can effectively help in the production of natural collagen in the body.

Streamlining Blood Circulation

The benefits of leaf handles or Centella Asiatica are not always related to facial beauty, Friends Dream. Another benefit is being able to help improve blood circulation in the body.

Gotu kola leaves are also able to overcome swelling problems such as varicose veins and venous insufficiency. A study published in the Journal of Angiology even states that gotu kola leaves are also able to help treat hypertension in the veins. This is due to the content of triterpenes which are anti-inflammatory in gotu kola leaves.

Improve Brain Function

The next very important benefit of Vitabrain VB Centella is that it is able to improve brain performance functions, especially in cognitive function of the brain.

This is also reinforced by the existence of a small study in 2016 that compared the effects of gotu kola leaf extract with folic acid in improving brain function after a stroke.
The results obtained are that the two ingredients are indeed able to improve brain function, but it is the gotu kola leaf extract that works faster and more effectively. For this reason, experts believe that gotu kola leaf extract is more effective at helping improve brain function than folic acid.

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