Vitabrain VB Centella since its initial launch in 2008 has been known by the wider community as a brain supplement or vitamin that is very useful for repairing and enhancing brain performance. Made from the best 100% natural ingredients without containing chemicals. So that users will not experience any addiction or side effects after consuming Vitabrain VB Centella.

 VB Centella Proven Effective in Improving Memory


One of the natural ingredients contained in Vitabrain VB Centella is the centella asiatica plant or what we often know as gotu kola/antanan. This plant contains many benefits for the body if consumed regularly, including: Streamlining blood circulation, accelerating wound healing, preventing premature aging, overcoming digestive problems, improving memory, and much more.

Because the right ingredients make Vitabrain VB Centella contain antioxidant compounds that are very beneficial for the body, one of which is useful for improving memory. This benefit has also been proven effective by users and has been scientifically tested by the TML and UIJ research teams. The result is that 44% of Vitabrain VB Centella can improve brain memory.

Another benefit of Vitabrain VB Centella is to help overcome vertigo and insomnia. If you experience these problems, then you will get the benefits of Vitabrain VB Centella faster, because usually the first positive effects you feel are increased appetite, improved sleep quality, and a lighter head.

Welcome to Vitabrain VB Centella Official Website

Vitabrain VB Centella is a family-chosen brain vitamin that is very efficacious to help improve and improve memory, provide energy for the brain and prevent brain memory decline and improvement in children with special needs (ADHD) and can be consumed by all ages.

Let's watch the Vitabrain VB Centella Youtube video by clicking the button below. In addition, you can also learn Vitabrain VB Centella from the results of research that we have done to dozens of children who memorize the Qur'an.






How long can the efficacy of Vitabrain VB Centella be felt?

On average, VB Centella users have benefited a maximum of 60 days after consuming VB Centella. But there are many who have benefited an average of 7 days after use. Please check testimonials from users.


How to take Vitabrain Vb Centella for toddlers?

You can mix Vitabrain VB Centella with children's favorite foods. For example: Honey, jam sandwiches, vegetables, and so on.

What are the benefits of Vitabrain VB Centella if consumed by adults?

Vitabrain VB Centella is still beneficial even if consumed by adults. Among them: Improve memory, prevent Alzheimer's symptoms, improve blood circulation, and so on.

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